The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

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Folkecenter is a non-profit, independent, organisation that provides research, development and testing of technology, training and information to promote the implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy savings in Denmark and internationally.

Since its foundation, Folkecenter has been a "must-stop" for all people working -or simply interested in- renewable energies. It's location in the middle of nature makes it very enjoyable to visit the 10 hectares which constitute the center. By visiting the Village for Green Research, where Folkecenter is located, visitors will have the chance to see different examples of renewable energy technologies applied in practise, proving that a transition to 100% renewables is not only possible, but it can also be profitable.

More than 6000 people visit Folkecenter every year: this includes schools, regular people, professionals from the industry, academics, politicians and delegations from different countries, all with one goal in common: to learn more about renewable energy and to see it applied in the real world.

Visitors can either take a tour of the facilities by themselves starting from the Café Solaire, where different examples of energy saving lamps are shown, or book a guided tour. Self-based excursions can occur any day of the week at any hour of the day (provided that there is light), while guided tours are normally taking place between Monday and Thursday (08.00 - 16.00) or on Friday (08.00 - 13.00) and have a duration between 1,5 and 3 hours. Guided tours outside working hours, as well as longer excursions can be arranged on demand.

Field trips for country delegations and energy planners can also be organized: Folkecenter is located in what it is known as "the Green Circle", an area where a large majority of commercial renewable energy installations can be visited. From different types of district heating to the largest wind turbines in the world, passing through hydrogen installations and geothermal technology...all what it is to be known can be reached quite quickly. Field trips are tailored-made, so it is requested to contact us in advance to define the details.

Both field trips and guided tours can be organized by sending a mail to [email protected]


Fra 11.05.2018 til 01.10.2021
08:00 - 16:00


Nordic Folkecenter, Kammersgårdsvej 16, 7760 Hurup Thy


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